Wednesday, April 27, 2016

May the 4th and What NOT to do when working with Iron-on Vinyl

    This week I was lucky to get a chance to test The Amsterdam All Weather Coat by Mummykins and Me. I have tested for this designer before and it sort of rocked my world. The Berry Bubble Shorts. I had never made something so tailored. I always tell my husband these are NICE shorts as I put them on my messy 3 year old, fingers crossed hoping she wont ruin them somehow. I said the same thing about this coat. This is a NICE coat! This is the first pattern I've tested with my oldest boy. He was so excited for me to make something special for him. He's such a good kid. He's always so grateful for everything he gets. When it was time to shop for fabric, I had a something more classic in mind, but when my son and I saw the Star Wars fabric we knew it would be the way to go. I always have such grand plans for my projects. I daydream ( or "obsess" as my husband likes to say) about epic photoshoots and fabric combinations. I feel like I'm in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty . Anyway, the fabric was just a regular cotton woven from Walmart and because I signed up to make the raincoat version for this test, I had to use iron on vinyl to make it waterproof. *Insert Walter Mitty style dream sequence of me laminating that fabric like a boss*
 Nope. Nope. Nope.

 Here's what NOT to do when working with iron-on vinyl:

 * Do not look at the fabric requirement chart and think, "I'll just need a couple of yards". Nope. Remember that the bolt of vinyl is not as wide as a standard bolt of fabric. My sweet hubby went back to the store for me.

 * Do not accidentally ball up the end of the piece of vinyl that you are trying to apply. Go slowly and be careful to keep it lined up. It will become hopelessly stuck together even worse than plastic wrap.

 * Do not let your hands go all willy nilly with that iron and melt your vinyl.

 At this point it was kind of a Murphy's Law situation mixed with my own lovely anxiety induced habit of self sabotage. It really should not have been this bad. I should have been more thoughtful, but when you are trying to get a million and one tasks done while the 10 month old is napping, you tend to rush things. Lets not go too far down the road of self loathing.

 How about some Dos?

 * Do save the paper that the vinyl was on, to use while pressing. This will save you from melting it.

 *Do use a heavy duty needle when sewing vinyl.

 *Do bake your husband a batch of cookies for going out for more vinyl.


 So back to the pattern. It was such a great sew! It is fully lined with no exposed seams. No serger needed for this project. I lined it with coordinating Star Wars flannel. The fit on my guy was on point. When he first saw it, he said, "Aww I love it Mama!" and gave me hugs. which definitely made all of the issues with the vinyl worth it. Mummykins and Me patterns give me a little challenge and I love that. I feel like I have learned something new when I complete a pattern. I highly recommend trying one of her patterns if you haven't already. The Amsterdam All Weather Coat can be made for winter with warmer fabric or lighter for spring. It is available in women's sizes as well. Perfect for coordinating with your own little guy. They offer a bundle of both patterns too! This has been the year of Star Wars for my biggest guy. Everything is "Dark Vader" (he's four, I might correct him someday) and Storm Troopers. His coat will be treasured for sure and he will have something super cool to wear to school next week for "May the 4th". It's okay we can treat it like a holiday, they're only little for a while.

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