Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sewn Grown: How We've Grown Through Pattern Testing

I have been madly in love with sewing for the past few years. When I started testing patterns this year, that love was brought to the next level. I have had so much fun making bazillions of beautiful pieces of one of a kind clothing for my kids. I feel so lucky to have had the chance to try out so many different designer's patterns and work with some seriously talented people! I have learned and grown a lot throughout the past year. I really like to challenge myself in as many ways as possible in all aspects of my life. If something makes me uncomfortable, I force myself to do it until I get it right even if I embarrass myself sometimes!

 I have really been focusing on my photography skills and trying new sewing techniques. Testing has given me more opportunities to try out new techniques and really forces me out of my comfort zone. I have had my DSLR in my hands almost as much as my fabric and i'm always working hard at learning how to use it. My husband has much more experience in that field, but I feel it is important for me to learn and take my own photos for tests. I have found yet another hobby that i'm super passionate about and i'm thrilled that I get to practice both photography and sewing through testing.

I am obviously not the only person involved when I am testing a pattern. My little lady and sometimes my little boys are my models and are very important to the process. I've noticed a lot of changes in my daughter in particular during our adventures in testing this year. Every morning, she wakes up and runs to check the dress form for something new. I don't always deliver, but when I do she asks, "Can we do pictures today, Mama?" in her sweet raspy voice. She knows that we always go out for pictures when I finish a project and she's really grown to enjoy it. She knows what i'm looking for now as she does her "poses". I really can't believe how good she has become at modeling her Mama Made. She has grown so much. Recently, I have been making her several things per week and this enables me to see exactly how much she has grown and changed. I have to measure her pretty often to be sure that we are testing the appropriate sizes. I see those measurements slowly creeping up. I've seen her chubby cheeks start to slim down and her last remaining toddler-like features almost disappear. I've noticed other changes in her as well. Her self-confidence has grown and she has developed her own style already. She knows what she likes and she loves to help me pick out fabric.  I've documented it all. It's written down in my notebooks and it's in all of the many photos I have taken of her. It's a little heartbreaking to be honest. Taylor Swift's "Never Grow Up" plays in my head while she twirls and gathers rocks for her "rock election" as I snap hundreds of pictures. Sigh.

Anyway, testing patterns is a pretty sweet gig. I hope to keep it up and to keep learning and trying my best to appreciate the unique perspective I have watching my little ones grow.

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